3~6 Months 7×24 hours FREE office

Small-lot manufacturing services at low-cost

Hardware mentor on-site support and consult



Abundant resources and services in manufacturing

Expertise of R&D and project management

90-day-learning on manufacturing

Enjoying 90 days FREE office at each iteration period

Win the "Premium Medal"

$50,000 + LEAN manufacturing services Exchanged for 5% share


Attending our roadshow in Beijing and opportunity to gain investment from 30 VCs

Product marketing and crowd-funding guide

financial advice and contact of next round investment

Highest $100,000 investment

+86 - 0755 - 28938999

MAKE Mountain, Room 401, Building B,NO.2, Tianan Cyber Park, Huangge Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China. 518000

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